Long-term fly control prevention


August 31, 2022

Matt Remmen

Matt Remmen

Flies are not only nuisance pests, they also can carry diseases. While baits, sprays and dusts can be effective methods for treating these pests in the short term, the key to long-term fly control is prevention. Whenever a call comes in about flies, remember to educate customers about the ways they can take ownership in the process. For example:

  • Keep the pests outside. Explain to customers that flies are always looking for ways to come inside. While it’s tempting to let in the nice weather this time of year, the way to keep flies out of the household is to keep doors shut, windows sealed and screens in place.
  • Eliminate fly-attracting odors. Whether it’s from the grill, the trash or the dog, flies are attracted to different smells. Remind customers to be vigilant about keeping the property clean both inside and outside.
  • Pay attention to the surrounding area. Oftentimes, flies will wander onto the property from nearby sources. Look beyond the immediate property for places where flies might originate, such as a farm or restaurant. If a property is near these sources, remember to explain clearly to customers that they will need to constantly remain vigilant.


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Matt Remmen is senior technical market development manager for Envu Professional Pest Management.

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