Tips to tackling bird control projects


September 13, 2022

Michael Gallion

Michael Gallion

Many pest management professionals (PMPs) get frustrated when tackling bird control projects. We understand; it can be tricky. Here are three pro tips to make your job a lot easier.

  1. Disinfect properly. Bird pheromones influence bird behavior. If a flock has produced generational offspring, they almost always will return to their nesting site. Remove bird waste properly and eliminate all odors by using a product that has the correct ingredients for erasing the pheromone imprint. Not all cleaning products work the same, so be savvy about what brings permanent results.
  2. Start with the “hot spots.” Especially when working on a large or complex bird job, it is smart to start with treating the “hot spot” areas. Communicate with your customer your plan to create a testing area first to ensure proper results and long-term success. This smart strategy will save you both on labor and profits.
  3. Don’t be shy about asking for help. If you are new to bird work or have a complicated project, seek a trained professional for advice — someone whose knowledge in bird biology and species will guide you to a correct solution. This go-to relationship should continually help you land new bird jobs while saving you time to handle other areas of your busy workload.


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