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September 26, 2022

Erick Wolf, CEO, Innolytics

Erick Wolf, CEO, Innolytics

In these economically challenging times, PMPs must recognize new opportunities — especially ones that will differentiate their service packages from the competition. Many PMPs increasingly abandon or do not take advantage of bird control opportunities, thinking the jobs are too complicated or require too much investment of time and resources. Instead, they will simply refer bird control inquiries to a local company doing bird work. They’re letting lucrative opportunities go to waste. Fortunately, though, there are bird control options that are easy to use, effective and as equally profitable as general pest control.

For example, pigeons reside in territorial flocks, a social unit, and pairs mate for life. These are among the many reasons why a contraceptive program in this species is so effective. When eggs cannot hatch, the population of pigeons gradually and predictably declines. A contraceptive approach can be used as both a population management tool and long-term maintenance program.

With a life span of just two to three years, pigeons are short-lived. Within a few seasons of population management, bird numbers can decline to a level where they no longer represent a pest problem for the business or community.


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Erick Wolf, CEO, Innolytics

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