Orkin offers Pest Infested Pops this Halloween


October 27, 2022



Orkin is challenging the public to face their fears this fall by offering Pest Infested Pops in time for Halloween.

Putting a spooky spin on the lollipop, the pest control company is also drawing awareness about the importance of pest control during colder months, according to a news release.

The limited-edition Pest Infested Pops come in three flavors: Screamin’ Scorpion, Creepy Cricket or Atrocious Ant. Those interested can fill out the form on the Orkin website and get their own free Pest Infested Pop.

Additionally, Orkin Pros throughout Georgia, Orkin’s home base, will be sporadically gifting customers with these pops upon completion of services.

“Our Pest Infested Pops are a light-hearted way to remind consumers they shouldn’t allow pests to ruin their fall season,” said Lia Vaughn, marketing director at Orkin. “While squirmy, these pops are nothing compared to a pest infestation that could occur this season if you are not mindful of fall pest pressures.”

With October marking the first full month of fall, it’s important to be aware of top pests to watch out for as the temperatures continue to decline.

“Pest-proofing your home now can help prevent intruders from settling in for the winter,” said Dr. Ben Hottel, Orkin entomologist. “Our homes are perfect nesting places for pests, so it is important that we take the time to stop them from entering.”

Here are some tips from Orkin to share with customers about unwanted pests this fall:


Each fall, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States. They typically enter homes between October and February looking for food, water and shelter from the cold.

To prevent a rodent infestation:

  • Check attics and crawl spaces that may not frequently see activity to make sure rodents aren’t playing hide-and-seek in there behind your back.
  • Mice can enter through openings the size of a dime and rats can enter through openings the size of a quarter, so seal openings with weather-resistant sealant reinforced with steel wool.
  • Clean the interior and vacuum regularly.


Cockroaches head into homes, seeking warmth and shelter. Once indoors, they will search for food and can possibly spread harmful bacteria.

To prevent cockroach infestation:

  • Check weatherstripping on doors and windows, and if it is not creating a good seal – replace. Not only will this help keep cockroaches out, but it will also help keep your heat (and air conditioning!) working as efficiently as possible with no heated or cooled air leaking out those tiny cracks.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers and keep cupboards dry.
  • Fix leaky faucets and cracks in plumbing and seal up any openings around pipe and utility penetrations inside or outside the house.


These insects are attracted to areas such as the sink, counter tops and underneath kitchen appliances. Ants are a difficult pest to deal with since they live in large populations. Many times, these pests go unnoticed by homeowners.

To prevent an ant infestation:

  • Avoid leaving pumpkins out for more than two weeks. If you see a pumpkin start to slump, it is time to throw it out as ants will be ready to attack.
  • Seal window frames and door frames to prevent ant entry.
  • Clean the gutters of fall leaves, as ants can nest in clogged gutters.


In the U.S., the two most common venomous spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow. Spiders feed on insects and live near their food source, so if you see them, this may indicate a larger pest problem.

To prevent a spider infestation:

  • Prevent the insects they are feeding on, per the tips above.
  • Clean up food debris and seal up openings in walls.
  • Remove clutter in the house and regularly clean up spider webs.

Would you try these pest lollipops? Which would be your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments or at pmpeditor@northcoastmedia.net.

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