Use IGR treatments to protect against SPP


November 9, 2022

Casey Prewitt, Neogen

Casey Prewitt, Sales Manager, Professional Pest Management, Neogen

When used in conjunction with insecticides, regularly scheduled insect growth regulator (IGR) treatments within a commercial food facility can provide additional protection against stored pest products (SPP) that might be overlooked in low-level infestations. Many times, IGRs are viewed as more account-friendly by customers, and require less preparation or cleanup after application.

Keep in mind, however, that most labeled IGRs are intended only to prevent growth within SPP populations, not kill. And in some cases, you may not want to stop the growth at certain life stages, to decrease the amount of damage caused.

The bottom line? While IGRs are not a silver bullet, they can be a critical piece of any successful program in large food-production and other areas prone to SPP infestations.


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Sales Manager, Professional Pest Management, Neogen

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