2023 State of the Industry: Sunny skies on the horizon


November 28, 2022

Getty Images: guvendemir/E+/Getty Images

Getty Images: guvendemir/E+/Getty Images

Pest management professionals (PMPs) are doing their best to keep it above ground level when times are tough. Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) 2023 State of the Industry (SOI) survey responses show two of the obstacles projected for 2022 made the list in 2023: fuel costs and general economy.

Many PMPs expected hiring and training to be their top challenges in 2022, and they were spot on. Worker resignations have been at an all-time high since the COVID-19 pandemic. Replacing employees who retired, left for better jobs, or simply dropped out of the workforce has not been easy. So, it’s no surprise that labor costs landed in the fourth spot on our list of projected obstacles for 2023, as pest control company owners do what they can to attract — and keep — new talent.


That this year’s list is comprised of cost-related obstacles also is no surprise. Costs for fuel, materials, equipment and labor have been rising as inflation hits business owners hard. The general economy is an obstacle PMPs are doing their best to overcome. Budgeting for rising costs, targeting new customers, and boosting marketing efforts are a few of the way PMPs are successfully overcoming these business challenges.

Fortunately, PMPs report increases in referrals and repeat business as among the opportunities they project for 2023. Price increases ranked high on the list this year, as pest control company owners do what they can to keep their businesses flying high.

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Many customers understand that inflation has had an impact on all goods and services, from groceries and clothing to childcare and pest control. It helps that the services PMPs provide are considered essential by most home and business owners. They know it’s critical to protect their health and properties, and will hire a reputable pest control company to ensure they get what they pay for.


Kathy Daw, owner of Bob’s Pest Control in El Paso, Texas, says she believes a pest control company’s reputation can help lead to more business, especially when economic times are tough. Word-of-mouth marketing and referrals can help a pest control industry survive and thrive when business for others may be slow.

“Don’t give up, keep on hustling, and get your name out there,” she says. “Reputation is the best form of advertising any business can have.”

PMPs who are honest and do what they tell their customers they are going to do, and do it when they say they are going to do it, will get the business from customers who may otherwise think twice about needed services.

“Always give 110 percent,” Daw adds. “Provide pest control service as if you are treating your parents’ house.”


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