Select Insurance: Employment Practices Liability Insurance


December 6, 2022



Select Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policies to protect employers in this changing environment. Consider the following: A private company is more likely to have an employment practices claim than a general liability or property claim. Three out of every five employers are sued by former employees. Sixty-five percent of all companies that have ever terminated an employee have been hit with an employment-related claim. Each year, companies collectively pay more than $1 billion to resolve wage and hour claims. The average compensatory award for all plaintiff verdicts is $325,000. More than 40 percent of all employment practices claims are brought against firms with fewer than 100 employees, and your general liability policy will not cover such claims. In addition to employment claims arising from wage and hour/overtime, discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment, COVID-19 and the CARES Act has put employers at increased risk for employment practices lawsuits. Consider employees working from home, childcare issues, layoffs, quarantine and infection. Select can help.

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