Create cleaning and disinfecting protocols for customers


December 12, 2022

Casey Prewitt

Casey Prewitt

When we as an industry were asked to protect our customers from an invisible threat, we developed cleaning protocols, safety protocols and applied products we have never purchased before. Two years later, most of us have settled back into our normal revenue-generating pest control — while missing out on implementing those same cleaning procedures into our pest prevention programs.

Take the common pests we deal with daily: rodents, cockroaches and flies. Each is distinctly different in makeup, but all three thrive on unclean conditions and leave the areas they occupy unsanitary. When fine-tuning your integrated pest management (IPM) procedures, develop cleaning and disinfecting protocols for your customers. This is a great opportunity for generating new revenue. More importantly, you are making your job easier to control pest problems when they occur.

Cleaning and disinfecting work areas, storage areas and drain systems help eliminate harborage areas, ultimately helping to prevent future pest challenges.

Before eliminating cleaning and disinfecting protocols from your program, explore how keeping them on could boost your revenue and success.


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