The evolution of cockroach control


December 15, 2022

Illustration: Leo Michael

Illustration: Leo Michael

Cockroaches may be distressing to customers with infestations, but fortunately, the products pest management professionals (PMPs) use to control them have evolved over the years.

As researchers learn more about cockroach behavior, PMPs benefit from their findings. Whether the studies are related to behavior, control or both, product manufacturers are paying attention. The outcomes are science-based effective and efficient control technologies and techniques.

Research results typically lead to changes in protocols and formulations, which explains why cockroach control solutions keep getting better.

To learn more about the latest cockroach control solutions, check out our Product Insights section. You’ll not only learn about a variety of options for prevention and control, you also will see manufacturer predictions on these persistent pests.

For now, the artificial intelligence-based laser system one researcher developed to zap cockroaches into oblivion is not among the control strategies on our pages. It may not be the most practical management method, but it is in the public domain and available to anyone who wants to build their own. Will laser beams become the cockroach control solution of the future? Probably not. But as long as cockroaches roam the Earth, manufacturers will be laser-focused on providing new, practical products and control strategies for PMPs.


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