COVID-19 reveals PMPs are ready to disinfect and sanitize


December 20, 2022

Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE

Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE

COVID-19 revealed a major asset: Pest management professionals (PMPs) are ready, willing and able to help protect the public from disease transmission and emerging threats. For many companies, disinfecting and sanitizing services have become part of their normal procedures. Disinfection is an essential component after wildlife removal, rodent services, cockroach cleanouts, and drain services for small flies. It works to protect both PMPs and the public from the many diseases pests may carry or spread.

As PMPs, some of our many goals are to anticipate and prevent infestations, limit damage and economic impact, and improve health and safety. Preventing the contamination of food, feed, contact surfaces, air and water is an essential component to safeguarding public health. Consider the following:

  • Cleaning physically removes germs from surfaces, but may not kill germs.
  • Sanitizing significantly reduces the number of germs on surfaces (by up to 99.9 percent) to safer levels.
  • Sanitizers kill most, but not all bacteria; they do not destroy viruses.
  • Disinfecting kills or inactivates virtually all microbes — including fungi and viruses — on hard surfaces (up to 99.999 percent).
  • For proper disinfection, treated surfaces must remain visibly wet for a recommended period per label instructions (usually 10 minutes).


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Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE, is national director of technical services at Nisus Corp.

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