WorkWave hosts four-day user conference


January 9, 2023

The Beyond Service 2023 User Conference kicked off in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday, Jan. 8, with an Opening Night Reception. The four-day event is dedicated to WorkWave customers, particularly those who use Coalmarch, Real Green, PestPac and TEAM Software. Attendees are offered group educational sessions, one-on-one training, as well as opportunities to speak with developers and other users to ensure they get the most out of their software.

WorkWave provides service-oriented companies — including those offering pest control, lawn care, cleaning, air conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical services — with scalable, cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of a business life cycle. Its software as a solution (Saas) offerings handle marketing, sales, service delivery, customer interaction and financial transactions.

During Monday’s keynote presentation, WorkWave announced it will launch on Jan. 18 a Communication Center for PestPac users. This centralized hub will allow WorkWave customers to manage in one place all of their customer communications and interactions. Customer service representatives, as well as other staff who interact with customers, will now have a clearer picture of a customer’s standing with the company. Initially, the Communication Center will unify a customer’s webchat and text interactions. The next phase of the product will unify email and phone interactions. WorkWave plans to expand this functionality to its other product offerings throughout the next year.

At Tuesday’s awards ceremony, WorkWave CEO David Giannetto announced WorkWave’s Driven to Success Award winners. One company from each product line that showed exceptional growth and partnership over the past year was recognized, and they were Arrow Exterminators for PestPac; A&C Pest Management for Coalmarch; Weed Pro for Real Green; Central Carolina Air Conditioning for ServMan; Dry-Concepts for WorkWave Service; and Paladin Group of Companies for TEAM Software. Wolfpack Pest Control earned the Pit Crew Award for its excellent teamwork and collaboration over the past year.

WorkWave will return to Orlando’s Hilton Hotel for its 2024 User Conference, which will take place Jan. 7 – 10.


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