Use enough bait to get rid of ants


January 25, 2023

Andy Linares, President/Founder, Bug Off Pest Control Center

Andy Linares, President/Founder, Bug Off Pest Control Center

So, you’re going to perform an ant treatment. Let me ask you:

  • Are you feeding your ants? The beauty of deploying ant baits is that we’re using the ants’ habit of sharing food with nestmates against them. They do our job for us when they return to base and spread the toxic bait throughout the colony.
  • Are you giving them enough to eat? The key to successful eradication is using enough bait to collapse the colony quickly. If bait placements are depleted before neutralizing the colony, the population will rebound.
  • Are you providing them with a varied diet? Use a variety of bait formulations, actives and matrices as a hedge against any rejection of a particular bait. Regardless of their dietary needs or preferences, ants require fluids. Accompany bait placements with a steady supply of fresh liquid baits.

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