3 steps for communication with bed bug treatment


February 15, 2023

Chris Keefer

Dr. Chris Keefer, technical services manager at Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Because bed bugs can be traumatic for many people, it’s important to take extra time to demonstrate concern and expertise when investigating infestations. Follow these three steps:

1. Inspection.

  • Interview customers about bed bug activity.
  • Thoroughly inspect all rooms and identify potential harborages.
  • Use bed bug monitors.
  • Make a diagram of the structure and note activity.

2. Communication.

  • Inform customers of mattress encasements and other prevention methods.
  • Discuss the treatment protocol and expectations, which should be based on the inspection.

3. Treatment.

  • Use a heavy-duty, commercial vacuum to remove adults, nymphs and eggs.
  • Make product applications in labeled harborage sites, which tend to be areas that are less disturbed and away from light. Keep in mind, research shows 80 percent or more of bed bugs are usually found in, near or around the bed.
  • We recommend using lipophilic, microencapsulated formulations to enhance the probability of bed bugs picking up a lethal dose.


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