Colors that attract bed bugs


February 17, 2023

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Did you know bed bugs are attracted to certain colors? (Editor’s Note: See for our coverage of this research.)

Bed bugs have a preference, just like most insects, to favor certain colors over others. When given the opportunity, bed bugs are more likely to gravitate toward darker colors, particularly dark red and black. Darker color furniture and bedding offer ideal harborage areas, as bed bugs spend most of their time concealed when not actively seeking a host.

Conversely, they tend to stay away from white, bright green and yellow, as these colors can emulate brightly lit areas that offer minimal coverage. This knowledge can be especially useful during inspections at hotels or apartments. If there’s dark red or black furniture or bedding present, it is more likely a newly introduced, hitchhiking bed bug will detach from its host and retreat there to hide or aggregate with other possible bed bugs.

While not foolproof, this knowledge gives PMPs another starting point where to begin an inspection and where to possibly focus more attention during treatments.

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