Don’t let bed bugs go unnoticed


February 23, 2023

John-Michael Kibrick

John-Michael Kibrick

Bed bugs are small, but not invisible. In fact, the naked eye will do the trick, but if you or your clients don’t know exactly what to look for, bed bugs might go unnoticed until it’s too late. Here’s what you should tell your clients to look for when they call you for help:

  • Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere, but there is a reason they are called bed bugs. Begin your search with mattresses, keeping an eye out for small, dark spots that could be their excrement.
  • Their eggs are whitish in color and about the size of a pinhead. Look for them in small clusters in tight, protected spaces.
  • Bed bugs themselves are oval, about the size of an apple seed, and can be seen moving at the speed of a typical ant. Normally brown in color, they may also appear red or dark brown when filled with blood.

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