Sanitation before treatment


March 24, 2023

Ed Van Istendal

Ed Van Istendal

Cockroaches. Just the word can bring a smile and a shudder. This industry always seems to be looking for two things: the better mouse trap, and the better cockroach spray! Of course, we have learned over the years that theoretical silver bullets cannot take the place of target pest knowledge, targeted training, and a toolbox of specifically developed materials.

My experience in pest management dates to 1973, when spraying and fogging was the standard approach. Sprays are quick and easy. I understand that time is money, but time and experience have taught me that thorough inspections, intense zone monitoring, and the judicious use of insecticidal baits in adequate quantities are the real keys to cockroach elimination.

IPM can neither be overstated nor overemphasized. Inspections are critical. Verify the species, where they are concentrated, and the approximate population level. Evaluate the available tools with regard for the targeted treatment zones. Make sure the product is labeled for the pest and the site.

Prior to any baiting treatment for cockroaches, particularly the German species, sanitation must be addressed scrupulously. In most cases, neither baits nor sprays will be effective on dirty surfaces: The active ingredient gets bound up in grease and dirt and is not available for killing the target pest. If the customer is not willing to improve sanitation, or is not able to perform the cleaning, you have a decision to make: Do you want a constant infestation/reinfestation at this account, or control? No sanitation = No control.


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Ed Van Istendal is National Institutional Sales Manager for Ensystex.

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