Finding where yellowjacket wasp nest


April 17, 2023

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

One of the best ways to know whether yellowjacket wasps are nesting inside a wall or attic is by watching them enter and leave. When dusk falls, wasps will head into their nests and remain there until morning. When inspecting, remember that yellowjackets have biting mouthparts and can easily chew through drywall, so holes in drywall are a good indicator.

April and May are also important months to remember for inspecting yellowjacket nests. The queen is typically the only member of the colony to survive the winter, and she will be looking for places to nest at that time.

One of the most effective methods of treating a wall void with nesting wasps is with dust. Dusts can penetrate far into voids and take a while to break down — thus, leaving any wasp that may have survived the initial treatment susceptible to encountering the residual dust.


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