Tips on treating stinging insects


April 20, 2023

Tim Husen

Tim Husen

Stinging insects around structures pose a complex pest challenge. Some are important pollinators that must be protected, while others are public health threats. Like most pests, managing stinging insects is more successful when preventive control measures are used over reactive ones.

The best way to manage stinging pests is by acting as early as possible in their life cycle. Although stinging insect activity peaks in the fall, you should be thinking about them during your first- and second-quarter services. Things to consider include:

  • Inspecting for signs of any early-season active stinging insect queens or nest-building that can be quickly remediated.
  • Focusing part of your inspections on structural conditions conducive to nest-building, such as the condition (cracks/holes) of the eaves/soffits, fascia or gutters.
  • Talking with customers about downspouts, dryer vents and other structural access points that are common nest sites and explain how to monitor them.


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Dr. Tim Husen, BCE, is the technical services manager at Syngenta.

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