Identifying mosquitoes


May 10, 2023

Chris Keefer

Dr. Chris Keefer, technical services manager at Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Mosquito inspections are critical for identifying breeding sites and observing the property prior to treatment. Use these four tips for inspections and the steps that follow:

1. Thorough inspections. Take pictures if allowed. Document mosquito-conducive conditions. Make diagrams and note where mosquito activity and breeding sites are located. Interview your client about mosquito activity and take notes.

2. Identification. Become familiar with the Top 5 mosquitoes in your region. Collect several dozen mosquitoes of each species, labeling and storing them properly to educate technicians and to assist with future identification. Use a microscope for magnification. Reach out to universities, extension agents or industry experts for help if necessary.

3. Treatment. Use the appropriate equipment to help deliver a more thorough treatment. Be aware of rainy or windy weather and become familiar with the treatment zone and what lies beyond. Understand product labels so you can answer questions and use them correctly. Become familiar with common vegetation in you region and how different insecticides may interact with those plants.

4. Communication. Be direct with your clients. Explain the biology of target species, treatment processes and expectations of the treatment. Use written and verbal communication, as well as pictures.


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