Educate yourself on what works for mosquito treatment


May 15, 2023

Dr. Stan Cope

Dr. Stan Cope

This mosquito season, be vigilant for the usual litany of information, advertising and social media posts on many aspects of mosquito control. Much of this is erroneous, misleading or just plain wrong — but some of your customers, potential customers, family members and others often believe false claims, and it can be next to impossible to change their minds. What’s more, they will be hesitant to purchase a mosquito service if they have been duped.

Beware of foods, vitamins, shampoos, plants, wristbands and other things that manufacturers and sales folks claim will kill or repel mosquitoes. Often, these items have no third-party data (generated by someone other than the manufacturer) showing they work.

Be diligent in educating yourself and your teams about what does and does not work in repelling or killing mosquitoes. Why? Because your customers will ask you about something they saw online, read about or heard about from their neighbors. Simply saying “I have no idea” is not a good answer.

If you are asked about a technique, device, food or other item you know does not work, a better answer is “Yes, I have heard that claim as well, but are you aware there is no scientific evidence to support it?” This will reinforce to customers that you know your stuff and can lead to the sale of a mosquito service.


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