Help customers combat mosquitoes


May 17, 2023

Alea Pedroza, PCA

Alea Pedroza, PCA

Mosquitoes are small insects commonly known for their annoying, itchy bites. While some mosquitoes are only considered nuisance pests, others transmit diseases and viruses, making them a serious public health threat. This summer, help your customers combat mosquitoes with these tips:

  • Inspection: Locate all sources of standing water around the property that could serve as a breeding site for mosquitoes. Pots, tires, bird baths, gutters and dense vegetation are some of the most common areas where mosquitoes rest and breed.
  • Treatment: Apply an adulticide treatment at labeled rates using a mist blower or backpack sprayer around the perimeter. Make sure your equipment is calibrated and working properly to ensure even coverage of the treated area. In addition to adulticide treatments, a mosquito trap placed in a shaded, dense vegetation area could be an effective tool to help reduce mosquito populations. Larvicides used according to label also can provide control of mosquito larvae before they become flying adults.
  • Communication: It’s important to communicate expectations to your customers regarding mosquito control and treatment. With the help of your customer, breeding areas for mosquitoes can be modified or eliminated. Understand that adulticide treatments will significantly reduce populations, but they are not the only effective tool in the toolbox.


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Pedroza is the West Market Specialist – Pest for FMC Global Specialty Solutions.

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