Treat mosquitoes with insect growth regulator


May 24, 2023

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

Retention and small landscape ponds often are overlooked as overwintering and breeding sites for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will overwinter in their larval stage most commonly in muddy areas to increase their chances of survival and prevent freezing.

Considering this, one of the most effective treatments for mosquitoes in and near small ponds is with an insect growth regulator (IGR). Often in granular presentations, these products inhibit mosquitoes from developing further.
The best practice is to have a treatment program established before spring to prevent overwintering mosquitoes from becoming breeding adults. Depending on the environment, two to five treatments throughout the summer and into autumn can be expected. Additionally, many commercial facilities, like seed facilities, require retention ponds on-site in case of a fire. If they don’t have one already, educate your customers that a recirculating device will help prevent stagnant water and decrease the mosquitoes’ ideal breeding conditions.


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