A Look Back: Images from 1993


June 14, 2023

Art: PMP Archives

Art: PMP Archives

Clean out that truck

This “messy truck” illustration by Bryan Vollman was for a January article titled “Customers judge PCOs by what they drive.” It was written by Dr. Fred Whitford — no relation to Pest Management Professional’s Marty Whitford, beyond friendly colleagues — who was the coordinator of the Purdue Pesticide Program at the time. He presented this topic at the 1992 Purdue Pest Control Conference, and wrote the article aimed at pest control operators (PCOs). Much of his advice, including examples of how to reward employees for good work and a clip-and-save “Pesticide Safety Worksheet for Vehicles,” still rings true today. Dr. Whitford is currently the Purdue’s Extension Office’s clinical engagement professor.

Art: PMP Archives

Art: PMP Archives

Lobbying and taxes

The professional pest management industry has long been a watchdog for legislative activity, rallying members when a bill or regulation might negatively affect their livelihoods. In our April issue, veteran reporter Mark Battersby offered a comprehensive look at how “You Can Deduct Lobbying Expenses.” Unfortunately, in 2023, this is no longer the case — but it’s an interesting glimpse into the past. Take note of the name on the door of this Vollman illustration: “Senator Jerry Mander.” For more on Vollman’s longtime collaboration with the magazine, see “Behind the Scenes” in the June issue.

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