Keep a well-trimmed lawn to prevent ticks

Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI

Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI

As we begin to spend more time outdoors in the warmer summer months, flies, fleas and ticks become a hot topic of discussion. For families that are spending more time in their yards, ticks in search of a bloodmeal can be a challenge and keep people indoors.

A control strategy that focuses on keeping weeds and vegetation well-trimmed will help reduce the potential for questing by ticks.

In addition, the treatment of the transition zone between a wooded or brushy area and a lawn with an appropriately labeled liquid residual product will help reduce tick numbers in the area.

Often, when nuisance wildlife like raccoons, squirrels and deer spend time or take residence in homes or yards, there is an increased likelihood that your customers will contract fleas as a result. Reducing the attractiveness of the area, excluding these animals when possible, and treating the yard and affected areas with an appropriately labeled residual product will help control that
flea population.

Lastly, the presence of flies during summer activities is not only a nuisance but also can pose a significant health risk of transmitting diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli. The fly’s hunt for a meal of decaying organic matter, coupled with their behavior of regurgitating on their food source before eating that meal, make flies a most unwelcome visitor to any activity.

Eliminating all sources of decaying organic matter and garbage is the best method for reducing fly numbers in and around a structure. In addition, ensuring that windows and doors are either kept closed or tightly screened can keep these pests out of homes and structures. The use of air curtains or the creation of a positive air flow via the use of fans also can help disrupt the flight path of these insects into a structure.

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Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI, is senior director of field services at Nisus.

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