5 techniques to eliminate subterranean termite infestations


July 14, 2023

Dr. Bob Davis, BCE

Dr. Bob Davis, BCE,
Technical Services Representative, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions

These five techniques can help you successfully prevent and/or eliminate subterranean termite infestations:

  1. Perform a thorough inspection by looking for termite activity, evidence of termites and signs of previous termite treatments. This aids proper bait station installation.
  2. Determine conducive conditions by checking for wood-to-soil contact, moisture areas, high soil grade on foundation, poor drainage, heavy mulch, stumps, landscaping timbers, wood debris next to structures, etc.
  3. List items for remediation, which may include poor drainage, wood-to-soil contact, plumbing issues, roof leaks, etc. Discuss with the property owner.
  4. Install bait stations per the label, placing them proximal to termite activity and conducive conditions to allow foraging termites to locate and begin feeding on the bait as soon as possible. This helps provide faster colony elimination and control.
  5. Return to service the system per the label and take notice of any changes to the site characteristics. Consider positioning stations close to conducive areas to help intercept and quickly control newly infesting termite colonies.

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Dr. Bob Davis is market development specialist at BASF Pest Control Solutions.

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