Second quarter 2023 reader poll responses


August 2, 2023

Photo: Jezperklauzen/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Photo: Jezperklauzen/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Since we last compiled Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine poll results, we have received some excellent insights from readers in our monthly polls.

We also post the same question to our columnists and PMP Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members each month in print, to get their responses. The answers that don’t fit on the “Question of the Month” page for the print edition are always included in the online version. For example, what follow are some of our most recent polls, with a link to the contributor/EAB responses and with a few of our favorite reader responses, too.

Here’s just a sampling of the best of the best from the second quarter of 2023:

April: What can customers do to help PMPs control ticks?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Keep lawns mowed and bushes cut and trimmed back.”
  • “Eliminate clutter in the yard. Keep the tall grass trimmed around trees and edges. Keep taller weeds out of ground covers and plants. If possible, keep traveling animals out of the yard. Control rodents since they are the source of diseases in ticks.”
  • “Keep brush down close to home. Don’t feed the deer.”

May: What’s a good way to boost employee morale?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Recognition of a job well done. Treating them to lunch or snacks once in a while. Team building exercises. Leading by example. Celebrating even the small victories.”
  • Treat your employees as your No. 1 customers.
  • “Ask for their feedback or ideas for improvement, and then follow up to close that loop.”
  • “Provide lunch every now and then.”
  • “Let your employees help make decisions within the business. It will make them feel like they are part of the process.”
  • “Any time a customer gives verbal or written praise to any of our employees, at our monthly breakfast meeting we give them an ‘Attaboy or ‘Attagirl, which is a certificate with the quote from the customer along with a $50 gift card of their choice.”
  • “Have a small group listening session. Come out with actionable ideas that the group generated. Act on those ideas! Make sure the group you listened to, sees the results of their ideas.”
  • “Incentive programs.”
  • “Recognize the good, even when its something small or momentary. Don’t ignore any praise from a client, and thank the employee publicly for earning it. Give credit where credit is due,  and always remember who had the good ideas

June: What’s a good tip for working with pest control distributors?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Be loyal.”
  • “Work with the same representative each time.”
  • “Share your forecasts so they know to adjust their stock. Place your order by two if you need that order shipped fast.”


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