Understanding birds to prevent them returning


September 14, 2023

Michael Gallion

Michael Gallion

Many pest management professionals (PMPs) become frustrated when putting a lot of labor into cleaning, only to have birds return. But the hard truth is that bird droppings need more than bleach, power sprayers and elbow grease. Knowledge and expertise also are needed in the following:

  • Understand how bird biology drives nesting behaviors in human structures.
  • Realize that generational offspring always will try to return to their nesting sites.
  • You must remove all bird biological residue and destroy the pheromone imprint to be successful.
  • Use cleaning products with active enzymes that are bird-specific to ensure the previous bulleted item.

There are scientifically proven cleaning formulas on the market designed to eliminate a bird’s imprint. Be savvy about which one you choose to use. The main factor is to eliminate the pheromones before installing deterrents. With this strategy, permanent results can be the industry norm, with no customer callbacks.

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