Checklist for bird evaluations


September 19, 2023

Tim Coughlin

Tim Coughlin

Some of us survey for pest birds regularly. Others, rarely. Our team frequently receives inquiries from PMPs who want to know what some indicators are to look for on a bird job. Using a bird evaluation checklist to take notes can ensure you capture all the needed information to make recommendations. Try to answer the following:

  • Which bird species is the problem?
  • How long have the birds been a concern?
  • What methods have been tried already?
  • Are the birds nesting or loafing?

Observe the property’s interior and its surrounding areas. Birds need food, water and harborage to thrive on a property; identify where they might be finding these resources.

Don’t forget to look up! Once birds enter a structure, they usually stay within the first few thousand square feet from the entry point.

Ensure accurate measurements of the targeted areas before initiating any bird control measures. Installing physical barriers, such as netting, is a best practice recommendation. In cases where installation might not be feasible, alternative devices can serve as effective deterrents against pest birds. Consider options like lasers, electrified devices and electronic

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