MGK: Vendetta 360


September 25, 2023



Pest management professionals (PMPs) know how crucial bait rotation is in their management programs to avoid aversion. Vendetta 360 is a rotational bait specifically designed for use with Vendetta, Vendetta Plus, and Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Baits, as well as other cockroach baits. The innovative bait matrix changes cockroaches’ cuisine to help prevent them from becoming picky eaters.

The Vendetta family offers four baits, each with an exclusive formulation to address different infestation levels for consistent performance that works around the clock. Whether you’re dealing with a minor or severe infestation, the heat-stable Vendetta family has you covered. With highly attractive and effective matrices that provide multiple modes of action with the inclusion of NyGuard Insect Growth Regulator (IGR),  you can trust the Vendetta family to provide solid solutions for your cockroach management program:

  • Vendetta for light infestations
  • Vendetta Plus for medium infestations
  • Vendetta Nitro for heavy infestations
  • Vendetta 360 for rotation

Advance your cockroach defense system with Vendetta 360. This latest addition to the Vendetta family optimizes clothianidin performance, killing cockroaches where they hide. The easy-to-use and durable formula also features NyGuard IGR — providing you with dual modes of action across your rotational plan when you choose from the Vendetta line.

About MGK

In 1902, Alexander McLaughlin went into the business of importing ground spices, plant leaves, barks, fruits and flowers for use in pharmaceuticals and food. Six years later, he incorporated the business with partners George King and John Gormley. The company, McLaughlin Gormley King (MGK), soon realized its product shipments containing flowers in the chrysanthemum family of plants were never infested with live insects.

Four generations of family leadership have guided MGK since its founding. In 1989, MGK became an affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Co., a critical relationship to its long-term successes in chemistry, technology, sales and growth. As the MGK team notes, “advanced pest control methods that minimize environmental impact while meeting control requirements hold great promise for the future. And that is where MGK plans to be — at the forefront.”

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