Proactive approach to controlling birds


September 26, 2023

Gregg Schumaker

Gregg Schumaker

Successful bird control can be greatly enhanced by taking a proactive approach. Nuisance bird problems rarely solve themselves, and generally grow worse for your clients over time. Reducing or eliminating bird issues before they become serious will help your clients avoid liability, improve their work environment, and minimize any economic loss from increased labor and maintenance.

Here are five helpful tips:

  • To increase efficacy, include multiple techniques and strategies. Combine population reduction with bird lasers or deterrent devices, for example.
  • Habitat modification is crucial. Deny perching and loafing areas. Minimize or eliminate food and water sources, and cover whenever possible.
  • Focus management plans on long-term exclusion, like netting or ledge products. Netting may eliminate bird damage on particularly difficult projects.
  • Do your homework. Learn the biology, behavior and local laws and regulations for the species you are trying to control.
  • The secret to success is flexibility within your plan. Quickly address problems and use all available control methods as necessary.

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Schumaker is the director of business and product development for Wildlife Control Supplies.

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