Bug Off to donate RodeXit to New York City


October 4, 2023



New York City-based industry distributor and training resource Bug Off Pest Control Center will donate 2,592 yards of the RodeXit Rodent Proofing Seal to its hometown.

Equivalent to about a mile-and-a-half of material, it will be enough to seal more than 2,500 standard-sized doors. The donation has a value of more than $70,000.

New York City Director of Rodent Mitigation Kathleen Corradi, aka the “Rat Czar,” will receive the gift in person at the 2023 New York Pest Expo on Nov. 9.

Inspired by the appointment of Corradi earlier this year and recognizing the daunting task that lay ahead of her, and understanding that exclusion is one of the foundations of rodent control, Bug Off Founder and President Andy Linares decided to gift his hometown with the RodeXit System. The RodeXit rodent-proofing seal is a high-quality, cost-effective product that is easy to install and durable; it can be used for solving a host of rodent-proofing problems.

“The rodent situation in the city is such that I felt I needed to do something, as a resident and a business owner,” Linares told Pest Management Professional. “I believe that the RodeXit system can play a role in helping solve the problem.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams appointed Corradi as the rat czar in April to lead handle the city’s rat population.

In July, New York City released its next steps in the ongoing effort to control its rodent population, which involves getting bags of trash off city sidewalks and into covered containers instead.

First, the Adams administration is publishing a final rule requiring restaurants and other food-related businesses put their trash in secure containers. Second, the city will push to expand the containerization requirements to all chain businesses with five or more locations in New York City. Together, the regulations are expected to impact 25 percent of businesses across the five boroughs, the city said. These businesses that produce about 4 million pounds of waste every day.

The official donation will take place during the 21st annual New York Pest Expo. With a theme of “Shattering Myths,” the Expo will be held at the George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel on Nov. 9 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Learn more information and how to register for the event here.


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