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October 9, 2023

Photo: Arrow Exterminators

Photo: Arrow Exterminators

Earlier this summer, we here at Arrow Exterminators held a Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Ga., which our operational leaders and corporate support attended. This group included our 175 service center managers from across 11 states. And yes, we did it old-school and had more than 500 people in the same room at the same time.

You may be asking yourself one of the questions we asked ourselves when thinking about this meeting: Why should we make this kind of investment? The simple answer is one we learned from our good friend and author Mark Miller: Always bet on leadership. Leadership isn’t just confined to those folks in our home office or those with big titles behind their names; it is a requirement at every level of our company. It’s our mindset, and it is a way of operating that empowers our team members and enables Arrow to continue to be successful.

Let’s talk about leadership and how it impacts a few key areas of our business:

  • Company culture is where it all begins and ends for us. Yes, a vision of where we’re going and what we need to do to get there is important, but it’s just as critical for us to know how we get there. With 3,300 team members, it takes every one of us to walk and talk our culture daily. Our leadership team is a vital part of this, and we will continue to invest in our culture, no matter what.
  • Team member engagement means our team members take ownership of their work and are problem solvers. Chief HR Officer Shay Runion leads both our human resources team and our training and professional development team at Arrow University, and without a doubt, they are two of the best teams in our industry. These teams are constantly looking for ways to improve everything about our team member experience, from their first day on the job to expanding their skill set and preparing them for their next opportunity, to offering a wider selection of benefits, and everything in between. Our team members are problem solvers, thanks in large part to their ongoing interactions with these teams.
  • Customer relations are key, and our team members are encouraged to make responsible decisions when interacting with customers. Mickey Thomas is our senior vice president of customer care and inside sales, and she is a constant voice for effectively communicating with our current and prospective customers. Her teams are regularly scouring data and discovering new ways to approach our current customers. And as specific markets see new opportunities, our team members can respond quickly to those changes. We know that when a customer has more than one service with us, we see an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty — critical elements to our success.

The importance of leadership at all levels cannot be overstated, and we are proud to have several women in leadership roles. Our leaders are critical to our success, and their daily guidance sets the stage for sustainable growth. Learn more about our leaders:


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