Collect data with SPP monitoring systems


October 27, 2023

James Miller, ACE

James Miller, ACE

The counts, count!

IPM practitioners know they must employ a means of assessing the level of stored product pests (SPP) infestation in a client’s home or food facility. That means visual inspection, historical references and the use of monitoring systems. SPP monitoring systems are just one way to collect data.

After the data is collected, use it to answer the following:

  • What insect(s) are being found?
  • What are the risk characteristics/biology of said insect(s)?
  • How many are there?
  • What aspects of your IPM program will eliminate and prevent them?

With data, you can begin to predict the next generation of pests and when will be best to apply a product for mitigation. Collecting more data after treatment informs you whether your strategy is working. Collecting monitoring data after the problem is mitigated also can help you predict seasonal activity.

You see, data is king. You can unlock a world of knowledge just by using it. Make the counts matter.


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James Miller, ACE, is Market Manager and Pest Control Operator for Trece Inc.

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