3 protocols for successful wildlife control


November 15, 2023

Gregg Schumaker

Gregg Schumaker

While it may not be difficult to catch the occasional wildlife pest, to do so consistently and still be profitable takes skill and discipline. Here are three proven protocols for success:

1. Know the basic biology and behavior of the animals you are trying to control. Diagnosing a wildlife problem begins with the initial phone call and your inspection starts. Question your client for clues that will help you identify the offenders and determine the equipment you will need.

2. When you arrive on-site, take note of overhanging trees and where wildlife may be traveling. Conduct your inspection thoroughly. and always follow the same process — beginning with the attic, ending with the exterior — to ensure nothing is missed.

3. Manage your client expectations as to what is realistic. Put your findings and plan of action into a written document, and discuss with your clients before work begins. Regularly communicating and updating clients as the job progresses helps avoid conflicts and secure a favorable outcome.


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Schumaker is the director of business and product development for Wildlife Control Supplies.

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