4 tips to trap stubborn animals


November 21, 2023

Mark Ebner

Mark Ebner, account development manager at Woodstream

In many cases, a wild animal won’t go in the trap immediately after placement. Here are four tips to help entice a stubborn animal.

  • Get animals acquainted with the trap. Instead of setting the trap right away, give the animal time to get familiar with the trap so it doesn’t view the trap as a threat. After the bait has been disturbed, set the trap.
  • Camouflage the trap. By covering the top with leaves or twigs, you’ll make it look less obtrusive and more like a natural part of the environment. Some animals may even view a well-disguised trap as a potential shelter.
  • Choose the right bait. If the animal won’t go in the trap, you might want to reevaluate the attractiveness of the bait you’re using.
  • Place the trap strategically. Be sure you’re placing the trap in an area the animal frequents. Look for telltale signs like animal droppings or places where animal damage is present.


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Mark Ebner is an account development manager at Woodstream.

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