Using pulse baiting data to treat rodents


December 5, 2023

Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch

“Pulse baiting” is a method to control rodents at sensitive residential and commercial accounts. The technique eases neophobic rodents by initially deploying a non-toxic monitoring bait, before introducing an active rodenticide. This allows pest management professionals (PMPs) to understand the rodent pressure at the customer’s facility, prior to deploying rodenticides with active ingredients (AIs).

The most effective way for PMPs to get the “pulse” of an account is by using non-toxic bait in tandem with rodent-sensing bait stations to record rodent activity 24/7. Once rodent activity is proven via recorded timestamps and non-toxic bait consumption, the non-toxic bait can be replaced with an active rodenticide.

Using the data gathered by rodent sensing devices, PMPs can see changes in rodent pressure and react accordingly, while saving valuable time.

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Patrick Lynch is Regional Sales Manager for Bell Laboratories.

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