Understanding mice behavior


December 11, 2023

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

Mice possess a highly developed sense of smell, allowing them to better navigate their surroundings and detect potential threats. In specific scenarios, mice display avoidance behaviors toward certain scents, such as the pheromones left behind by other rodents. Thus, when a facility is inhabited by both mice and rats, it can make controlling mice more challenging.

For instance, if a rat passes through a bait station and leaves pheromones behind, mice may instinctively avoid that particular station. Understanding this behavior and implementing appropriate strategies can help overcome scent-related aversions and enhance the effectiveness of bait stations. It is important to remember to thoroughly clean the area, introduce alternative scents, relocate the bait, and adapt baiting strategies to effectively treat areas with competing rodent populations.

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Fisher is a professional pest business unit specialist at Neogen.

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