Thorough approach to rodent control


December 13, 2023

Chris Keefer

Dr. Chris Keefer

Effective rodent control requires a thorough approach. Follow these steps to help ensure success:

  • Conduct thorough inspections. Make diagrams, take pictures, document conducive conditions and use technology such as a thermal imaging camera.
  • Based on your inspection results, place control devices (snap traps, bait stations, multi-catch traps, glue boards, etc.) where rodents tend to move and harbor.
  • Consider placing control devices in corners that have shadows, areas that offer protection, rooms that are less frequented by humans, and around clutter.
  • Be able to identify the feces of common rodents in your region to aid in identification (such as house mice, roof rats and Norway rats).
  • Determine the type of food rodents are feeding on within the account and use that as a lure; if unsuccessful, try the opposite instead — a sugar vs.
    a protein, for example.
  • Ensure you have an uninterrupted supply of bait, as it can sometimes take weeks for rodents to start feeding on bait again if their supply is interrupted.
  • Communicate with your clients. Be up front and direct, explain processes in detail, and use pictures along with written and verbal communication.

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