4 tips to mitigate rodent infestation


December 14, 2023

Dan Crew, Kness

Dan Crew

Each year, rodents cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage in the United States alone. The following tips can help mitigate rodent infestation.

  • Know your rodent. To focus on using the correct approach, be sure to identify the rodent species with which you are dealing. Rodents differ in behavior, especially when introduced to new objects such as traps. A species-specific technique will help save you time and money.
  • Be proactive. Consider action items that will help prevent rodents. Seal cracks and holes; add screens to vents or other openings; and install exterior door sweeps, for example.
  • Act quickly. A minor problem can turn into a major one overnight. Never underestimate a rodent’s ability to damage property or reproduce.
  • Stay updated. Set yourself up for success by learning about the latest industry innovations. By reading publications like this one, you’re already keeping up with the best pest management practices.

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