Use correct techniques for rodent control


December 29, 2023

Gregg Schumaker

Gregg Schumaker

Effective rodent control is obtainable if you implement the correct techniques and exclusion whenever possible. As rodenticide use becomes more restricted, it will be imperative to learn better trapping and exclusion techniques. For example:

  • When trapping, always wear gloves to minimize human scent.
  • Never smoke when handling traps or baits.
  • Traps should not be spaced at regular intervals, but instead placed in areas that have known rodent activity.
  • Place traps in dark, secluded areas, especially those near sources of shelter or warmth.
  • Outside, set traps closest to areas with dense vegetation, debris piles or other harborage areas.

When preforming exclusion, keep in mind that the hole you are sealing may serve a purpose. Weep holes exist for a reason, so use a manufactured stainless steel weep hole cover. Consider prefabricated exclusion mesh for vent covers, foundation gaps and similar openings.

Rodent control technology is constantly evolving, so stay current through training and outreach.

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