Skyhawk launches Upgrade to Trapmate program


January 3, 2024

SkyhawkDerry, N.H.-based Skyhawk announces its “Upgrade to Trapmate” program for all users of ActiveSense ERM solutions.

According to multiple industry sources, the former Corteva-owned unit has been purchased by a service provider, and company representatives are notifying ActiveSense pest management professional (PMP) customers that they will no longer be able to acquire ActiveSense devices.

“This news is a big blow to all but one service provider in the industry,” Rich Shevelow, Skyhawk’s CEO, said in the news release. “While it very much demonstrates the strategic importance of ERM in pest control, it puts many PMPs in a difficult spot.”

For many PMPs, Shevelow said, the risk could go way beyond the hassle of losing a supplier, as a competitive service provider may now try to win their customers. Skyhawk wants to ensure that PMPs that have relied on ActiveSense to date don’t get caught in the lurch.

Skyhawk’s “Upgrade to Trapmate” program gives former ActiveSense customers a one-time opportunity to upgrade their monitoring equipment to Trapmate systems – including Trapmate Hubs, Dual Vibration/Magnet Sensors and Kiwis – at a discount of as much as 10 percent. There is no limit to the number of sensors and Hubs a company can order under the discount program, provided that all device purchases are made a part of the one initial purchase.

“As one of the pioneers in ERM, Skyhawk has always been committed to helping PMPs grow their business using technology,” sai Shevelow. “That’s why we’re providing PMPs that now need an alternative an affordable way to upgrade to Trapmate’s even better ERM systems.”

The Upgrade to Trapmate program will be available through Feb. 29, 2024. It is only available to customers in the U.S.


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