Areas to focus on to fight ants


January 11, 2024

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Undoubtedly, ants are one of the most frustrating pests that pest management professionals (PMPs) manage. Even if you are familiar with an ant species, their behaviors and food preferences can completely change and cause your treatment to fail, depending on the time of year and colony preferences.

Target areas where ants likely will be overwintering right before activity increases in the spring. Focus on rocks, planters, and beneath logs and mulch to get a head start on the season. As ants emerge from their winter slumber, they will be hungry and ready to consume a granular bait around a structure as they build their colonies in the spring.

When working with gel baits, the question most often asked is which one to choose. The solution is to let the ants do the talking and answer this question for you. Put out a few options of various baits near areas of activity and ant trails. Then observe the ants and choose the bait they are visiting most frequently.


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Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE, is a technical service manager at Control Solutions Inc.

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