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January 17, 2024

Please Fill Out The Following Fields.Implementing a price increase is one of the quickest ways to improve the profitability of a pest control company. However, if your price increases are handled hastily or improperly, they could backfire — increasing customer attrition and negatively affecting your bottom line.

The PCO Customer Pricing Analysis is designed to help pest management professionals institute targeted price increases rather than blanket, fixed-rate increases to their entire customer bases. With this service, the PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists (PCO) team analyzes all active, recurring customers and considers time spent on callbacks and re-treatments. This offering also includes the calculation of an optimized hourly rate that’s tailored to your company and factors in market conditions, company goals, the cost structure of your business and more. PCO walks Customer Pricing Analysis clients through a break-even assessment to identify an optimal hourly rate target in line with your company’s needs.

What’s the potential return on investment? On average, the PCO Customer Pricing Analysis has found 20 percent of a pest control company’s customers are priced below the appropriate hourly rate, and has identified $98,000 to $855,000 in potential additional revenue from mispriced customers.

The PCO Customer Pricing Analysis is available to current PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists’ accounting and bookkeeping clients and as a standalone offering.

About PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists

PCO M&A Specialists was started in 2012 by Daniel Gordon, CPA, managing and founding member of PCO Bookkeepers, which was started in 2000. As the market warmed, two clients approached Gordon and told him that they no longer needed PCO Bookkeepers’ services. When the clients were asked why, they gave the same reply: “You guys did such a good job that we received an offer to sell our company, and we accepted the offer.” Well, why wouldn’t you tell us as your accountant and trusted advisor? Answer: We signed a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, and couldn’t tell you.” Gordon, who is also Pest Management Professional magazine’s financial columnist, decided then and there to start PCO M&A Specialists as a result. Having owned and sold a pest control firm and earning a degree in accounting and a CPA certificate, it made perfect sense for him to continue in the pest vertical.


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