2 tips to prevent callbacks because of ants


January 19, 2024

Tim Husen

Dr. Tim Husen

Managing nuisance ants can be challenging. After correctly identifying the type of ant and inspecting the structure, you make a bait application next to an ant trail and conclude your service. However, the colony persists a week later, leading to customer dissatisfaction and service callbacks. Two possible reasons for this may include:

1. A lack of bait acceptance. This issue relates to the food preferences and dietary needs of the colony. At distinct times of the year, ant colonies prefer foods higher in carbohydrates (for higher numbers of foraging adult workers, for example) or protein (for brood formation, for example). Choosing a bait formulation and product based on the colony’s dietary needs can help increase acceptance and improve management efficacy.

2. A lack of sufficient bait volume. When baiting for ants, it’s important to apply enough bait for the product to spread throughout the colony. You can accomplish this with larger individual bait placements or lines, and by increasing the number of placements along foraging ant trails.


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Dr. Tim Husen, BCE, is the technical services manager at Syngenta.

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