Where to apply baits in the winter


January 22, 2024

Matt Remmen

Matt Remmen

Baits are valuable in the wintertime, when temperatures drop and precipitation increases. Ants often cluster together in the colony, so apply baits as close as possible to nest sites and adjacent to any visible ant trails. From there, ants will collect the bait and share it with the colony.

One of the key benefits of using a bait is that a sufficient amount will lead to cross-feeding and exposure back to the queen(s) and brood in the nest sites. This will provide the greatest possible reduction of the ant population.

Note that communication with customers is key when applying baits. Customers may be used to seeing technicians apply sprays, and they might see increased activity initially. It’s important to tell them how the process works to ease any concerns. An appropriately chosen and applied bait can help control an entire colony over time, as baits draw increased activity before the AI works to eliminate the colony.


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