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Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI

Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI

Happy New Year! January is an important time to identify those obstacles that hampered your success in the past, and to look toward the processes that will help you be more successful in the future. Ant control doesn’t have to be a challenge if you prepare now.

Take time to take care of the little things now, such as:

  • Ensuring you have identified those ants you most commonly deal with.
  • Noting the environments in which you find them most frequently.
  • Confirming you have access to those products most suited for them.

Being proactive in this regard can make a huge difference in your ant account success rate.

It’s also important to begin providing critical training to your team on your ant control processes so they can begin working when that first call arrives in the office. Ensure every team member is equipped with the proper tools needed — such as flashlights, probes and moisture meters — so they can find those elusive nests that may be hidden within customers’ homes.

Preparing now, when ant activity may be at its slowest, will pay dividends to your bottom line later in the year.


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Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI, is senior director of field services at Nisus.

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