Kness Pest Defense: Snap-E Color Options


January 24, 2024



When it comes to selling a quality product that resonates with customers, pest management professionals (PMPs) understand the importance of connecting with a brand; and so do the experts at Kness Pest Defense, a pest control products manufacturer based in Albia, Iowa. The longstanding pest products company, which is celebrating 100 years of innovation in 2024, offers its Snap-E Mousetrap product in various colors. Through the company’s distribution network, PMPs can purchase Snap-E traps that best match their brand’s colors. Color examples include but are not limited to green, blue, gray, and more.

Snap-E mousetraps are escape-proof, with an innovative design that ensures you’ll never touch another mouse. The mechanism is smart; the materials are rugged. Snap-E mousetraps are sanitary, easy to use and made to last. Use them to catch invading rodents year after year.

Steel and durable ABS plastic make them tough. Smart engineering — including a large trip paddle and strike bar — makes them work every time.

Kness Pest Defense’s philanthropic efforts have led the company to develop a line of pink Snap-E traps to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness efforts. The team also created and donated limited-edition patriotic red-white-and-blue traps to help raise funds for an Albia-area Welcome Home Soldier Monument.

“While the majority of Kness Snap-E Mousetraps are produced in classic black, there are a lot of PMPs that take advantage of this private labeling opportunity,” says Kness General Manager Dan Crew. “We love seeing how excited customers get when they realize they can order various colors to coincide with their brand.”

In addition to the trap color, customers can also choose from a white or yellow striker bar. Snap-E trap color examples can be viewed on the company’s website.

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