Use a thorough approach for carpenter ants


January 24, 2024

Dr. Chuck Silcox

Dr. Chuck Silcox

Carpenter ants are challenging pests; a thorough approach is necessary when trying to manage them in an outdoor setting. The following general guidelines provide insight on treatment methods that have proven successful for carpenter ant control:

  • Read and follow the product label. A review of labels will allow selection of a product labeled for all possible and appropriate applications.
  • Treat carpenter ant trails around doors, windows and other places where they have been observed or are expected to forage.
  • For the best results, locate and treat carpenter ant nests. Apply a perimeter treatment using either a low- or high-application volume, depending on the situation. Higher labeled dilutions and/or application volumes as well as more frequent applications may be necessary when treating concrete surfaces.
  • Treat non-porous surfaces only in areas protected from rainfall and spray from irrigation sprinklers.
  • Treat the trunks of trees that have carpenter ant trails or upon which the ants are foraging. Thoroughly wet the bark from the base of the tree to as high as possible on the trunk.
  • Treat porous surfaces and vegetation with relatively high-volume applications that ensure thorough coverage while avoiding runoff.
  • To protect firewood from carpenter ants, treat the soil beneath where the firewood will be stacked. Do not treat the firewood directly.


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Dr. Chuck Silcox is the product development manager at AMGUARD.

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