Driven: Rebranded platform


January 26, 2024



Driven is the new name for Pest IQ, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that initially marketed only to the pest control industry, as it was founded by pest management professionals. In December 2023, however, it officially changed its name and expanded to other home service industries, including electrical, plumbing, landscaping and more. Driven integrates data from all pest control software into individualized dashboards that empower every team member with real-time updates of key performance metrics.

About Driven

The company is a Provo, Utah-based startup that raised a $600,000 pre-seed round from Startup Ignition Ventures. Industry veterans Adam Weber (CEO) and James Sullivan (COO) founded Fulcrum Pest Control in 2014, selling it in December 2022 to focus on their startup. They launched in August 2023 with 15 users, and today have more than 400 users of Drive. As Weber told TechBuzz, a Utah technology news media outlet, about their expanded industry focus and name change, “With early feedback from customers, we realized that the purpose of what we do is so much bigger. At our core, we want to drive people to be better, companies to do better, and leaders to know more. Driven embodies our vision perfectly.”

In an earlier TechBuzz article, Weber explained Drive’s benefits to service companies: “In our research, the real [return on investment, or] ROI we are seeing from customers is on the performance side of things. When employees have that data right in front of them about how they’re performing relative to how they should perform, we are seeing their performance dramatically increase. They can see if they are on target for where they are supposed to be. And if not, they can change things and see where they can improve.”

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