Top 3 tips for bed bug accounts


February 5, 2024

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Here are our Top 3 tips to assist pest management professionals (PMPs) at bed bug accounts:

1. Vacuum. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums are a must. It’s a no-brainer to vacuum all the bed bugs you can see, especially in mid- to high-level infestations. Vacuuming provides immediate results and instantly decreases biting pressure to customers. Additionally, vacuuming means none of those bed bugs need to be exposed to pesticide — alleviating future pesticide resistance problems.

2. Use a dust. Many dust products, regardless of whether they’re impregnated with a pesticide, can be considered “residual.” As long as there are no air currents or disturbances, dusts will remain for several months or more to provide control. Dusts are an excellent option in wall voids, electrical outlets and other crevices where bed bugs tend to hide.

3. Manage resistance. Once you exhaust options for non-chemical control, a residual liquid product is still a sure bet for bed bug management. If a product you have been using seems to be losing efficacy and you fear resistance is the culprit, try another pesticide with a different mode of action.


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Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE, is a technical service manager at Control Solutions Inc.

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